“Google Garbage”

I’ve concluded that Google is the #1 source of SPAM, TROJANS, SPYWARE, MALWARE, Crap Data and VIRUSES on the internet.

Here’s why:

1. SPAM. Search any term on google and you will find hundreds or thousands of fake websites claiming to have your exact search terms in the search results.

These fake websites are mostly SPAM engines that have no valid content or anything to do with what you are actually searching for.  Many of these fake sites even have your search term in the name of the URL.  Obviously these are generated by Google and/or the SPAM engines every time you do a search.  My pet theory is that Google uses these fake websites and fake links to generate more clicks/traffic so they can scam companies who actually pay for google ads.  How does google make money?  I don’t know, ask a former ENRON exec.

Many of these fake links take you to offshore eastern european website that try to drive by hit you with Trojans/Spyware/Malware/Viruses.  Interesting that google doesn’t filter out these spammers from search results.  Even more interesting is how high they are on the search result rankings.

2. Crap Data. Often when I click on the Google search results the page served has zero hits for my search terms.  CNTRL+F the term and you get “not found”.  WTF stop wasting my time.

3. MALWARE.  Any program that gets installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent and that performs NO FUNCTION THAT BENEFITS THE USER is MALWARE.  Like google toolbar that magically installs itself on your computer if you install ANY google app like google earth.  Now you have multiple “google update service” daemons running on your device constantly going out on your network to download crap in the background.

Google is becoming extremely sneaky and wants to ram SPAM ADS, MALWARE and SPAM VIDEO down your throat by bypassing your traditional firewall using SSL Tunnels – basically running mini VPN connections so your iPhones, iPads and computers are being served SPAM directly by google by the same servers that give you google search.  Google is now uploading Java software to run on your devices through these advertising channels.  That in my books is MALWARE and I’m making efforts to block it.