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The following links are for items I’ve used and are available at Amazon.  If you have any questions or want feedback leave me a comment.

Temperature Measurement

10 x DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor–Fit for Long-distance Multipoint Temperature Detention System

I used this for a Raspberry Pi Time-Lapse camera and Temperature Logging System.  The Pi was used to take an outdoor photograph every hour and the outside temperature was measured using the DS18B20 and displayed as a text overlay in each photo.  The photos were then converted to a video using a freeware software package called MakeAVI.

Firewall Appliance

Desktop Mini Pc Mi3150L Intel Celeron N3150 Quad Core Cpu, 8Gb Ddr3 Ram 128Gb Ssd Wifi, Fanless Aluminium Alloy,Dc 12V,X86,Windows Os Linux

Hate POPUP ADS and SPAM? Have teenagers? I used this low power fanless computer as an internet Firewall running Transparent Layer 2 filtering and Linux firewall distribution called PFSense.  In the good old days I could simply use DNS cache poisoning to block all network requests to known SPAM servers using available IP blacklists.  As a result I have significantly reduced web page and pop-up ads.  On my network users only see a blank space where ads are normally inserted…I can’t even see the Amazon ads on my blog.  My web browsing internet is now  up to 80% faster because I am no longer downloading unwanted crap.

Google is becoming extremely sneaky and wants to ram SPAM ADS, MALWARE and SPAM VIDEO down your throat by bypassing your traditional firewall using SSL Tunnels – basically running mini VPN connections so your iPhones, iPads and computers are being served SPAM directly by google by the same servers that give you google search.  Transparent Layer 7 filtering allows me to play Man-In-The-Middle and examine each and every packet for unwanted traffic and drop those connections.  Yes there are security concerns here…the problem is that Google is now uploading Java software to run on your devices through these advertising channels.  That in my books is MALWARE and I’m making efforts to block it.

Watch Batteries CR1022

Cheap watch batteries with free shipping.  Hopefully better than the dollar store ones…

SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-I Card (SDSDXXG-128G-GN4IN) [Newest Version]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Case, iVoler Ultra [Slim Thin] Scratch Resistant TPU Rubber Soft Skin Silicone Protective Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus [Crystal Clear]

Motorcycle Gloves
Olympia 340 Vented Kevlar Protector Motorcycle Sport Gloves (Black, Medium)